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Getting Started With Your New 1&1 E-mail Address

I’d like to familiarize you with some capabilities and features of your newly created e-mail address to help you get started.
The easiest way to access your 1&1 e-mail from any computer is by using 1&1 Webmail. The 1&1 Webmail website provides you access to your e-mail from any web browser. You can log into your account using your e-mail address and password at the link below:
1&1 Webmail includes some great features that extend past the point of just basic e-mail transmission. Using 1&1 Webmail, you can also:
– Create and manage appointments in your calendar – Create and manage your contact list – Configure SPAM filtering options – Create auto-responders that automatically reply to incoming e-mails – Create multiple signatures for friends, clients, co-workers, etc.
You may also want to configure your new e-mail address on your PC or smartphone, in which case the Help Center articles below will help walk you through the setup process.
I hope that you enjoy your new e-mail address using your 1&1 domain and all that 1&1 Webmail has to offer.
Gunter Eberling 1&1 Head of Customer Satisfaction

Jitender Thakur 'jin thakur'

Jin Thakur, a member of the Keller Williams Real Estate team,
brings boundless enthusiasm, energy and passion to his role. He understands the market,
the economics of buying and selling,
and how to leverage all the tools available to get the best results for his clients.

As a former Programmer in the IT industry,
Jin Thakur understands all aspects of the real estate process and is an incredible resource for his clients. Jin Thakur owns and manages several multi-family homes and commercial real estate and with that success and knowledge, he serves as a trusted advisor to clients who are thinking about purchasing investment properties of their own.

Jin Thakur is a licensed real estate agent in the Queens LI
and the National Association of Realtors.
Jin Thakur was born in India and is a graduate of the University of Houston, Texas.
Jin Thakur also graduated from Himachal Pradesh University India in Masters of Computer Science .

“I want to bring my own experience and understanding to my clients and help them realize their goal of buying or selling their home or investment property. It is my goal to take a seemingly complicated process and make it not only understandable but profitable as well.”